Play in CanadaAs of right now, gambling online in Canada is not a problem as long as the sites being used are approved by the Canadian provincial government where you are located. This has been a quickly changing scene, however, as Canadian government structures have realized just how profitable it can be to them to have government run online casinos helping out their economies. Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec have all allowed online gambling within their borders. And while technically, the Canadian government has not come forward and said that online gambling is legal, no one has ever been charged in any sort of lawsuit because of playing at a casino online in Canada. In short, there is still a lot of confusion about the gambling laws in this country. In the meantime, it is pretty easy to play at your favorite casinos.

The biggest problem that a Canadian gambler will come across is that some casinos do not accept the Canadian dollar when it comes to financial transactions. Depending upon where you play, you might have some difficulty funding an account or getting paid. The easiest solution here is to use an online wallet for all of your transactions. With a site like this, you can easily convert your currency to whatever you need, although you will need to pay a fee in order to do this. If all else fails, you can go with a provincially sponsored casino and keep your money within your own area.

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Choosing a casino to play at in Canada is just like choosing a casino anywhere else. You want something with fun and favorable games, solid bonus structures, and a safe and secure place for you to place your money. Just make sure that you do your research on the site before you make a deposit. Independent reviews are probably going to be your most reliable source of information since these were written by people with no financial ties to the casino in question and will not profit from your business. Always make sure your sites of choice are regularly audited by independent agencies, and that they have some sort of certification by a major authority within the business.

You will always want to make sure that your casino has a strong bonus structure. There are a lot of choices out there for you, so you want to make sure that your casino will reward you as much as possible for your business. Check out the terms before you commit, though. Some casinos will offer you a 100 percent bonus of up to $1,000, while others can give 400 percent up to $4,000. In this situation, the same deposit amount will give you $3,000 more at a different place! However, this means nothing if you can’t unlock the extra cash to your account for withdrawal. Betting 40 times the bonus amount to unlock everything–an industry standard–is a lot of money in some cases, and if there is a strict time limit, you might end up getting nothing. So while one bonus is more attractive on the surface, there’s a lot more to it.

There is some speculation that the Canadian governments will mirror what the United States government has done when it comes to gambling online. This is probably only true on a shallow level–these are two separate countries independent of each other and what happens in one does not affect the other. Still, Canada and the U.S. are close allies and have similar interests. Right now, within North America, Canada is at the forefront in granting more freedoms to gambling enthusiasts, and probably will continue to be for quite a while. The economic success of Canada’s usage of online casinos will be likely help influence how the United States moves forward here, at least on the state level.

Canadian citizens likely will see more confusion in the near future when it comes to their online gambling laws. But right now, there seems to be no big issues as far as gaining access to the games you want to play. Even where the laws are stricter about what is allowed, there has been nothing done to enforce the laws on an individual level. The best way to proceed if you are uncertain of what to do, then, is to make sure your province allows online gambling and then use a government sponsored casino. Still, there are other choices available to you if you want them. If you do have questions, make sure you ask an attorney or legal professional as this will better safeguard you from any issues.