Payouts Are Strong

There is no doubt that slot machines are the biggest draw for casinos, both online and of the brick and mortar variety. Not only are they visually stimulating, new games offer more complex action. They are also quite lucrative. The casino tends to have high profit rates off of many of these, but when people win at them, they win big. This keeps people coming back over and over to the slots, even though most people lose while playing.

If you are looking for the latest in online slots, then you need to know what to look out for. For most purposes, there are just two types of different themed slot games out there: franchise slots and concept slots. Franchise slots are easily recognized. They are part of a theme that you already know, usually a television show or popular movie. New examples of this would be Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, and Ted. They play off of the popularity of the show in order to draw fans to the slot game. It is a very effective strategy; even if the slot machine is horribly against the player winning money, millions of people play the game simply because they like the franchise that is promoted here.

As you might have guessed, concept games tend to not have the same traffic, so they can afford to have higher payouts. This is where you will find the progressive jackpot slots and the games that offer higher percentage payouts overall. And if you are serious about making more money playing slots, then this is where you will find the best games. New games in this category include titles like “Sugar Hits Jackpots,” “Whales of Cash,” and “Sweet Skulls.” In some cases, these games haven’t even hit Vegas yet as the online platform is a cheap and easy way to test out a game’s popularity before creating a physical slot machine for people to play on. In this respect, when you play slots online, you are often acting as a tester for the games to see if they are worth converting into an actual machine for a brick and mortar casino. You get to see sneak previews of what will eventually make their way to the Big Show on the Vegas Strip.

The difference between the franchise and the concept slots is not a hard and fast rule, of course, but more of a general way to think about the different games. You will sometimes find franchise games with high payouts, and you will find concept games with poor payouts. It’s just a generalized approach to picking games.

The casinos themselves will not advertise payouts, which makes picking the right game even more difficult. If you truly want to pick a game that has a higher likelihood of winning, you will need to do some research of your own. For the newer games, this research isn’t going to be as accurate as you will find for the older games, and in some instances, it won’t even exist yet. That’s why having the general rule is beneficial to you. However, if you do want to try and find a game with high payouts, you need to look around. The payouts will be advertised as a percentage number, typically between 70% and 99%. The closer to 100% you get, the higher your chances of making money become. A game that offers more than 100% would indicate that it pays out more than it takes in, and any casino would be foolish to have a game like that as it would lose them money. Instead, they want games that will make them money, but the closer to 100% it is ranked, the more money ends up in your pocket. These are the games you should look for.