Microgaming ActionOnline casino software has become a big business over the last several years, and there are currently many companies that create platforms for casino sites to utilize. However, there are only a few major software producers out there with great reputations. Microgaming is one of the very best software creators out there, and choosing a casino that uses their games will most likely be a good decision. There are a lot of juicy casinos for you to choose from, all competing for your business. Going with one that ensures the safety and fairness of your play is always a good idea, and Microgaming is one of the top companies in these regards.

Not only has Microgaming been around for a long time (1994), they are currently the biggest software company in the online casino market. Based out of the United Kingdom, they have hundreds of clients, and they have over 300 casino games for you to choose from. These obviously include all of the biggest and best games: blackjack, progressive slots, roulette, video poker, craps, and more. And not only do they provide a huge number of fun and entertaining games, they also have some of the highest quality games, too. For example, their progressive slot machines held world records for one of the largest jackpot payouts in history. Mega Moolah had a payout of over $6.3 million back in 2009! That’s pretty impressive, but it’s definitely something that we have come to expect out of the company that reportedly created the very first online casino.

The big drawback of Microgaming right now is that they do not accept U.S. players. This is easily overcome in other ways, though. They have one of the best live dealer set ups on the web, and this makes for a very different type of online gaming experience. If you decide to play some blackjack through a Microgaming site, you can actually watch a video stream of a real person dealing you real cards! This makes things like card counting a possibility, if you wish, or it can just add to your entertainment levels for the day. Either way, it’s a great feature that not a lot of other software companies provide. They also happen to have a great web based interface, which is a big advantage if you are into playing on mobile online casinos. Depending on what type of smartphone you have, using a web interface might be your best bet, especially if you cannot get the right app for your favorite casino site. This is especially true of the Windows Phone and Blackberry devices.

Microgaming certainly has a large current audience, and it is getting bigger every day. With so many great games, innovative resources, and stellar reputation, Microgaming is one of the premier companies today, just as they were almost 20 years ago. Right now, they are leading the way with new Bingo games, such as Glossy Bingo, which uses the Microgaming HTML5 platform. This is an exciting new development because of the great graphics and fast speeds of play that HTML5 allows. It only goes to show that there are still lots of untapped resources out there for internet casinos, and the more technology advances, the better the gaming experience will become.

It’s important to remember that just because so many casinos use the Microgaming platform for their games does not mean that their choices are limited or monopolized in any way. The individual casinos are still responsible for attracting their own customers, and that means that you will still find a wide variety of unique bonus structures and offers, even though the different companies use the same gaming software. Even with the same software company backing them, you will still find myriad options when it comes to bonuses, and this is definitely a good thing. You will be able to pick and choose which bonus or bonuses are best for you and your style of play, allowing you to maximize how much free money you will be given to play with and eventually withdraw to your bank account.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Microgaming platform, they do offer a big selection of games that you can play in demo style. Here, you can get to know the awesome games they offer, all without having to risk your hard earned money. Once you’re ready, you can always find a casino to play at that offers these products, but in the meantime, you can still have fun while you learn the basics of play. This is a great introduction to Microgaming. You can find more about this platform at their website: www.microgaming.co.uk.