Rival Gaming OnlineWith so many different online casinos out there, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. And while it’s true that every casino is a different, many of them do share some common traits, partly because there are only a few major software platform providers. Rival Gaming is one of the biggest platform providers out there, and this is for a very good reason. This platform powers almost 50 different casinos around the world, most of them English language based. The best part about Rival Gaming casinos is that as of right now, they do accept U.S. players, and this opens up a huge market for them. This platform was launched in 2006, so it’s not as well established as some older platforms, but it is still very reliable and safe, regardless of where you will be playing from.

Right now, Rival Gaming, despite not being a huge platform in comparison to some others, has a pretty good selection of games for you to choose from especially when it comes to their slot machines. They might not have the biggest selection amount of choices for you, but the online slots that they do have are very well designed and sure to please. This is especially true of the iSlots game, which has perennially been a favorite amongst online gamblers.

What’s interesting about Rival Gaming casinos is that they have a unique bonus structure. There are a few factors that determine how much free cash you will get. Your playing ability, your bankroll size, and even the specific games that you play all are taken into account. What’s more is that once you have an account created and you start earning your bonus, you can always closely monitor your levels and settings. Things like your VIP account, how much of your bonus you’ve earned, and even a real time player history are all easily seen right from the site and if adjustments need to be made, you can make them. They even have a section that is staffed 24/7 that can help you keep track of ongoing and upcoming promotions. This platform really makes it easy to get future bonuses if you choose to. And for those trying to maximize their earnings, this is definitely a must.

Rival casinos are great for expert players and beginners alike. There are plenty of real money casino play options for you with many different games, but they do also have free money casinos. These are perfect for beginners or those that just want to test out a new theory in an already familiar game. This is also a great choice for people thinking of switching from one casino to another. Playing with a free demo account allows you to test out a platform and make sure that you are happy with the software that you’ll be using when it’s time to play with real money. If you’re unsure of what to do next, this is definitely your best option.

Just because Rival Gaming platforms serve fewer online casinos than some of the bigger platforms out there does not mean that they are an inferior product. This software company has all of your favorites, including blackjack, slots, and even keno. There are also a lot of lesser known games that you will also enjoy, such as Red Dog, Let it Ride, and Casino War. These games are all a lot of fun, but not always offered everywhere online. This helps to set these casinos apart from others and it is a great way to attract the new customer and keep the current ones loyal.

There are a few other downfalls of Rival Gaming’s platform. There are not a lot of different blackjack games, for example. They only have single hand or multihand formats, and that’s all, unfortunately. Still, for those interested in something simple, this doesn’t matter at all. These games are still a lot of fun–just not as exotic as some other choices out on the web are. Rival Gaming still has a very excellent product, and these few areas are more than made up for in other aspects of the overall service that is provided.

The best part of this platform is that they do a very good job of backing up their product. They have a great customer service department, and a really good management system. In other words, they go to great lengths to make sure that you are getting the experience you expect–in a safe and trustworthy fashion. This might be a smaller company, but they really do provide a top notch online casino venue.