Pick the Right Slot Game

Online casinos usually attempt to keep up with the latest trends in pop culture in order to attract more customers to their sites. One easy way that they do this is by making the latest slot machine games forefront on their sites. These games often reflect new TV shows or hottest trends, and although they do attract traffic to their sites, they aren’t always worth playing. If there’s a new slots game you want to play, make sure you check out the individual game itself before you play it, and how that particular online casino applies the rules of the game.

Hit Shows

When a television show or a movie reaches hit status, the rights to turn it into a casino game are often sold in order to generate even more revenue. Think about The Sopranos or Pawn Stars. These have both had slot games made after them, and they are both extremely popular.

But are they good games to play? That depends on your definition of “good.” If you’re just looking for fun and don’t mind losing money, they’re great games. If you want to win money, that’s a completely different story. The Sopranos game has a max jackpot of 3,000 times what you bet. If you’re playing $1, that’s a $3,000 return. That’s great, but it’s nowhere near as impressive as what the progressive slots can payout as a maximum bet. But most people won’t play the max bet. They will play the minimum bet, and for $0.01, the 3,000x return ends up being just $30. Again, that’s a good return, but it’s not going to make you rich. So, whether or not this is a worthwhile game is something you need to evaluate on your own terms.

General Rules to Live By

In order to get a decent advantage, there are a few observations that might help you succeed without spending hours looking at statistics and payout tables. First, the simpler the game, the easier it is to win. The more reels that the game has, the harder it is to win. That’s why you don’t see a lot of three reel games anymore. Most online casinos have a higher percentage of five reel games. They look cool, but they’re a lot harder to win. Second, higher money lines tend to have better returns. If you look at a cross section of all the games out there, penny lines tend to have a casino keep of about 10.8%, while nickel lines see casinos keeping about 6.0%. This is a huge difference, especially if you look at hundreds or thousands of dollars going into a game. It also makes a case for playing one nickel line instead of five penny lines. It might not be as exciting, but you will win more of the long haul, and for some people, that’s way more important.

Where Does Skill Come in?

There’s no skill in pushing the button on your computer. Once you do this, a bunch of random number generators determine whether or not your spin will have any sort of return for you. But, you do need skill in order to win at the slots. This skill comes in picking the right games, and avoiding the bad ones. So, just because a new game has come out and everyone is playing it doesn’t mean that it’s worth your money. Before you go and play the next big game, make sure that you have taken a look at the payout odds and whether or not the payouts are of a progressive nature. New games come out to get casinos more money, and not all of them are going to be as beneficial to those playing them. Do your research before you play, and you will have a better chance of making money.