Every once in a while, playing slots pays off. D.W., a player at the Golden Riviera online casino, recently won a huge amount of money playing the game Lotsaloot. 91,332.77 euros was won on this game, or the equivalent of about $200,000 U.S. dollars. For most people, that’s a life changing amount of money, and the reason why progressive jackpots continue to be one of the most popular and most lucrative money making ventures on the web.
Making Money in Slots
This comes in light of the announcement by Grand Riviera’s parent company that some of their smaller casinos will now redirect customers to their more well trafficked sites. Vegas Partner Lounge will be consolidating some of their sites in order to ease a lot of the problems that some customers have run into. This might seem like a pain at first, but in the end, it should improve upon the playing experience for everyone.

Ultimately, it makes a wider selection of games available to everyone, including their progressive slots. And more people playing these means more available prize money when winners like D.W. happen.

The change will affect mainly users of Cinema Casino and Sun Vegas Casino. These customers will be redirected to other sites from now on. However, all Vegas Partner Lounge players will be exposed to promotions that will encourage them to take part in other games that they may never have played before, some of which are parts of other sites. Because many casinos are connected under this parent company, this is not a surprise. It will give players several more choices of game selection and expose them to many additional opportunities to start making more money. At the same time, it will allow Vegas Partner Lounge to potentially increase their client base and their profit making ability.

People from all over the world play at online casinos for one reason: to make money. Playing the games in general is often a lot of fun, but it’s usually fun because of the fact that big profits can be made. But, what players often forget, is that casinos are businesses and need to make money in order to stay afloat. When a move like this happens, it often comes as a shock and customers feel like they are being taken advantage of. It is always nice to see a casino make smart business moves while keeping their clients in mind and going above and beyond to make sure that they are able to profit from the changes, too. Now that these changes are in motion, games like Lotsaloot will be available to many more people.