Use Cryptologic SoftwareOnline casino gaming has been around for almost 20 years at this point, and many software platforms have come and gone during that time. However, only a select few have risen to any sort of predominance during this time. One of those companies is Cryptologic (, which was founded in 1995 as a new and more secure way to provide financial transactions. Since then, this company has created some of the best casino games out there with their software platform and they have many casino sites as clients currently. Based out of Ireland, Cryptologic has a strong history of past performance and they have consistently been innovating their products in order to make sure that their clients and customers have the best possible experiences while they play online.

Cryptologic has some really cool products for you to choose from. They have over 280 different casino games listed on their site, many of which are completely unique to this company. They have all of your favorites–blackjack, video poker, craps, and roulette–along with many you’ve probably never even heard of. They have a huge selection of online slot machines to choose from, including games with 3D graphics. This is something that a lot of other casinos–including many brick and mortar casinos–do not offer.

Cryptologic has even put a few new twists on older games. Besides the many variants of black jack that they offer, they have a live dealer option for several games, which allows you to use a more perfect strategy. The pace of the game slows down a bit for something like traditional black, plus, because cards are not determined by a computer program, things like basic strategy and card counting become a lot more effective. You can even count on a piece of paper or out loud if you wish since no one is watching you! This does a lot toward increasing your potential for making more money.

The big downside of Cryptologic’s platform is that they do not accept U.S. players. Unfortunately for those that live here, they are missing out on a lot of really great games. However, they still have a huge audience and they make the most out of it. Right now, they have almost 100 English language casinos based out of the UK alone. They also have spread their reach by incorporating many poker and multiplayer Bingo game sites into their repertoire. While demand for these games increase, it’s very likely that Cryptologic is going to keep growing in popularity, too. Expect to see this software company keep improving their products and coming up with new ideas. In an industry as competitive as the online casino one, this is a must for a company’s survival.

There are some interesting things that Cryptologic has in order to gain your interest, one being a game called Break the Bank. Here, you can play once per day for absolutely no wagering. And if you guess the nine digit code correctly, you can win $100,000–all while risking absolutely nothing. This is a very tough thing to do, obviously, but it’s free and could give you a life changing deposit into your bank account if you’re lucky.

One of the biggest jackpots in history was paid out through a Cryptologic game. $8 million was won by someone playing Millionaire’s Club a few years ago. Many of their games can be played through a downloadable program, or you can sometimes access them right on the web. This makes Cryptologic casinos great for mobile gaming customers, even if their casino does not offer mobile apps.

This software platform is used by some of the biggest names in online casino gaming. Betfair,, and PartyGaming are some of their most well known clients. There are many big benefits to using Cryptologic, as you can see. They have great, original, games, and they have a very secure method in which you can enjoy yourself. Online casinos have grown from a novelty during the mid 1990s into a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s safe to say that Cryptologic has helped to make this possible and will continue to do so over the coming years.

They really are a full service provider. Besides creating games, they also offer help with e-cash management, marketing support, and customer service. This is very good news for casino sites just starting out looking for support, but it is also great for the customers interested in finding their new favorite gaming site. Cryptologic strives to make sure their customers have the best experiences possible when they use their products.